Bella Lana Field Day Friday 26 August 2022

Start 10am

Morning tea and lunch provided

Field Day information…
Guest speaker
Jim Meckiff
What are your profit drivers?
Jim will present information on the understanding of ASBVs and how clients can select rams based on these figures to drive their profits.
Visual assessment plays a significant role in ram selection and needs to be used in conjunctions with ASVBs.
During this field day, you will have the opportunity to select rams using both tools, that is, figures and rams.

Sally Martin and Scott Brien

The Bella Lana Journey to Genomics – what are the benefits to our clients?
It has not been a straight forward pathway (lots of options)
• Seeing the value of full pedigree and capitalising on the development of DNA technology in the sheep industry
• What is the difference between DNA Parentage and Genomic testing?
• Team approach – seeking advice and input into the breeding program, data collection systems and
• How Bella Lana is using the tools available eg Genomics and MateSel – whilst still recording all of the key traits that are important to ours and our clients breeding objectives
◦ Quality wool
◦ Ability to shear every 6 months
◦ Mules free
◦ Ability to join ewe lambs
◦ Focus on whole farm profitability
• What is the next frontier?

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