2019 On-Property Ram Sale Results

View the results of our 2019 Ram Sale

Congratulations to Robyn Cosgrove, Rockley, for purchasing our top priced ram of $4500

2019 was an extremely difficult year with only receiving 220mm in an average rainfall of 660mm. That’s right, only 1/3 of our annual rainfall. 2019 was also our third year of receiving that amount of rain.

On the positive note, our stock held up really well and our rams were no different. Our clients were impressed with the line-up of rams and the sale results were very pleasing even with the states in drought for such an extended period of time.

We were also encouraged with the number of new clients who bought from our sale as well as our returning clients not being discouraged by the dry conditions.

All of our grade rams were sold in the following months of the sale. Happy days!


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