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"Beautiful wool on great bodies"

We have been working with Scott and Anna Brien, Bella Lana Merinos for the past 9 years, assisting with data collection and management as well as contributing to the breeding program decisions. In 2018 Bella Lana Merinos embarked on a DNA testing program to capture full pedigree to 2023 where all progeny are now Genomic tested. Recently Sheep Genetics, Meat & Livestock Australia, recognised all the breeders who have achieved a 5 Star data quality score. It is recognition of the hard work and dedication to collecting quality data that can benefit all clients and the industry. Well done Scott and Anna, we love working with you.
Note: this recognises flocks that have achieved a 5 Star Data Quality Score based on their 2022 drop as at the 21st February 2023.



Bella Lana Poll Merino’s Sale Team’s ASBVs for 2022

Our Genetic trend is improving every year as the below graphs show

We are so excited about these figures and how visually presented they are. Both wools and structured are fitting with our breeding objectives



UNE/MLA/MerinoLink DNA Stimulation Project – 26th July 2020

The UNE/MerinoLink DNA Stimulation Project is a major genetics adoption program in the Merino sheep breeding industry, running from January 2018 to June 2022. The collaborative approach between MLA Donor Company, University of New England, MerinoLink Limited, NSW DPI, Sally Martin Consulting and the project participants has already started to meet the project target of doubling the rate of genetic gain of project participants by 2022.

The project focusses on working with the project participants, of which Bella Lana is one of the participating ram breeders, to strategically use the genetic and genomic tools currently available. A major component of the adoption strategy has seen the total financial contribution from all participants equating to upward of $1.7 million.  In a time of poor seasons recently, this is a significant commitment for participating seed stock breeders to improve their genetic gain, and we are delighted to be part of this project.

There are 30 seed stock breeders involved in the project located in NSW, Victoria, and Western Australia.  18 commercial breeders breeding their own rams and 52 commercial breeders purchasing rams.

DNA Parentage and genomic testing has allowed Merino seed stock breeders to capture more accurate relationships between animals to enhance accuracy of the estimated breeding value predictions. With more trust in using ASBVs as part of their selection toolbox, the collective ram breeder group are improving their rate of genetic gain. In the first year of the project participants have increased the rate of genetic gain within the group by 2.4 index and are 5 MP+ index points higher than the rest of the MERINOSELECT database when comparing average index improvement.

Flock Profile and RamSelect’s Ram Team Manager are tools commercial breeders are using to benchmark the genetic merit of their Merino flocks. This information is aiding participants in better ram selection and buying decisions to increase the genetic merit of their flocks.

The project’s catalyst was co-investment of DNA testing from MLA. However the projects key focuses have been on capacity building to improve data quality and integrity, strategic use of tools available and most importantly building relationships between breeders (ram and commercial), service providers and geneticists. To date, the project is on-track meeting all milestones and looks to continue on past the life of the project.

Click here for a pocketguide of Understanding ASBVs

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What Customers Say

  • I have a self replacing Merino flock with my mum and dad at Tarcutta. Our ewes are 18 to 18.5 micron and our hoggets are 17 to 17.2 in all years. We have a traditional fine wool block with fine wool types. Back in 2016 we changed our ram source and went to Bella Lana. I had completed some work for them and I was super impressed with the direction they were going in and the way they were achieving their goals. In 2016 I purchased our first rams from Bella Lana and we’ve been super impressed with them ever ... read more
    Lexi Cesnik, Tarcutta, NSW
  • We started using Bella Lana merino rams 3 years ago for the property I manage, “Gidleigh Station” at Bungendore. We were really chasing extra carcass, growth and weight for age without compromising any of the wonderful wool characteristics of our merino. This dual-purpose type strategy was a risk strategy for us, and we wanted to capitalise on both lamb and wool markets. In these 3 years we have seen an incredible improvement in our sheep, carcass wise without giving up that fine white stylish wool. I was standing in a pen of 10-month-old ewe lambs that were born in the ... read more
    Brad Croker, Manager of 'Gidleigh Station' Bungendore. NSW
  • I’ve been buying rams from Bella Lana since 2008, when I started with buying 8 of their rams that year. They’ve got a good wool type and micron count on them.  They’re a good type of sheep that suit my country. They’ve got good big frames, plain bodies, and they’ve been breeding true to type – they’re producing the type of sheep that I like to breed. I sold my surplus 1.5-year-old ewes at the Dunedoo Annual Merino Breeders’ Sale in January, 2011, and they well and truly topped the market at $230 a head. The ewes had a major ... read more
    Warren Leeson, 'Anglewood', Dunedoo, NSW