2023 Bella Lana Poll Merino Ram Sale Results

We, at Bella Lana, are very pleased with the sale results considering the season north of us and the dramatic drop in sheep prices. Luckily the wool prices are encouraging!

110/120 rams were sold with an average of $1968. There were two top priced rams of $4250.

Robyn Cosgrove, Rockley, purchased one of the top priced ram and has been buying rams from us since 2019.

“I picked him (Bella Lana 220314) months ago when they had him at a display day at Bathurst,” she said. “He has got that nice body shape and wool that I’m looking for with figures that link up with what I like. I breed my own rams so he’ll go out with about 30 ewes in a week or two for joining”

Boris Ostini, Taures, Boomey, purchased the second sale topper, Bella Lana 220928 for $4250. Wool quality was front of mind for Mr. Ostini, who said he wanted a proud standing ram with good feet and figures to match.

“We can’t lose sight of the fact that you need to maintain the good wool on your Merino sheep to have a true dual purpose sheep,” he said. “I’ll join about 1500 ewes this year so the top priced ram will settle in at home ready for the beginning of March.

In total, Mr Ostini purchased five rams to average $2550.

Returning client and volume buyer Edward Hunter, Minnamurra, Yeoval, purchased 14 rams to a top price $1750 to average $1518.

Mr Hunter has purchased rams for the past three years.

” I wanted good quality wool and a clean long staple length,” he said. “Bella Lana rams have all the attributes to make a dual sheep whilst still focusing on wool. We have a cropping and sheep operation running 4500 Merino breeding ewes, which the rams will be joined to in early November.”

The Hunter family considers Bella Lana rams as good value for their floock.




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