Average up $300 at Bella Lana On-Property Ram Sale

There was a total clearance of 60 rams at the 3rd annual Bella Lana On-Property Ram Sale on Friday, October 14, with the average up nearly $300 on last year.

The Sale averaged $950 and topped at $4800 for the Lot 1 17-9-micron Poll ram (pictured right) , Bella Lana Y149, by Karbullah 788. The top-priced 14-month-old 96kg ram exhibited a post weaning weight (PFAT) of +0.4 – which puts him in the top 1% of all rams tested for Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs), for this trait. He tested +3.7 (top 20%) for post waning weight (PWT) and +5 (top 30%) for yearling weight (YWT). The ram was bought by Ben O’Brien, “Glencardie”, Suntop.

Volume buyers included Matthew Slacksmith, “The Pratts Huts”, Brewarrina, who bought nine rams at $600 each. Dugald and Lachie Campbell, “Burrandong”, Dripstone, bought eight rams to top at $2100 twice ad average $1313. Richard Marshall, “Wargandinna”, Burren Junction, bought seven rams to top at $2000 and average $1029. The partnership of Warwick Thompson and Marcus Clarke, Wellington, bought eight rams for $600 each.

We welcome six new clients to Bella Lana and look forward to working with you. Buyers came from the Slopes to the Far West and everywhere in between, travelling from Bathurst, Molong, Brewarrina, Bourke, Nyngan, Burren Junction, Mudgee, Eucareena, and the local area.

We thank all buyers and underbidders for your support.

DOWNLOAD the full sale report, which appeared in The Land Newspaper

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