Bella Lana On-Property Ram Sale results 2016

Top Priced Ram reaches $8000

At the eighth on-property Bella Lana Merino ram sale held last Friday at Wellington, a full clearance of 81 rams sold to a top of $8000, averaging $1746. The outstanding result included a sale top increase of $5400, an average lift of $496 as well as 20 more rams offered and sold at auction.
Buyer registration numbers increased by 10 and over 40 grade rams were sold from the paddock after the completion of the auction.

Stud principal, Scott Brien, said the result exceeded his expectations.

“Our sale delivered a consistent line of rams with our signature trait of bright, soft, bold crimping wool,” Mr Brien said. “I was extremely pleased to see new clients from as far as Queensland and as close as Wellington.”

Mr Brien said the sheep industry has a great deal to offer when you have the correct genetics to breed from and that is what distinguish them from other Merino studs. “Our rams are dual purpose and are bred to maximise the profit drivers for our clients that is wool cut, fast maturing lambs, increased lambing percentages,” he said.

The top-price $8000 ram was a late entry to the sale catalogue after the Briens contemplated keeping him for their own stud use. In the end he was purchased by new client, Muz O’Malbeney of Canowindra and Lyndhurst.

The ram, sired by Kamora Park 304, had a 19.6-micron fleece, 3.2 standard deviation (SD) 20 coefficient of variation (CV) and 99.8 per cent comfort factor (CF). Running two properties at Canowindra and Lyndhurst, Mr O’Malbeney produces Merinos, first cross Merinos and Dorsets. He said he selected Bella Lana rams to increase his wool cut and lambing percentages as well as to breed bigger Merino ewes. Mr O’Malbeney secured five rams to average $3440.

The second highest price ram was purchased by Warren Leeson, Dunedoo, for $5600. Sired by Kerin Poll 425, he carried figures of 18.4-micron fleece, 3.5 SD, 20 CV, 99.8 CF with a yearling weight of 4.9 and positive for YFAT and YEMD. Mr Leeson recently sold his wether lambs for $176 per head and received $40 for their wool. Buying three rams in total, Mr Leeson averaged $3666.

The third highest price ram was taken home by Fraddon Hills Pty Ltd, Wellington, for $3800. By a home bred sire Bella Lana 296, the ram possessed figures of 19.1-micron, 2.4 SD, 12.6 CV, 100pv CF, yearling weight of 4.9, YFAT 0.5 anda YEMD of 2.
Richard Marshall, “Wargandinna”, Burren Junction, put together a draft of eight rams topping at $2200 and averaging $1786. Mr Marshall said in scanning ewes recently, he achieved a result of 176pc in lamb.

The Campbell brothers, Lachlan and Dugald, Wellington, who purchased nine at auction to average $1833, selected another 40 grade rams after the auction. Their big ram replacement numbers came from endeavouring to double their ewe numbers.

Landmark stud stock agent, Brad Wilson, Dubbo, said it was one of the best line-up of rams he has seen at Bella Lana in terms of depth and quality of the draft. “Bella Lana have invested in genetics and it has paid off -the sheep are improving year on year,” Mr Wilson said. “It goes to show their breeding objectives are heading in the right direction.” The sale was conducted by Landmark Dubbo with Baden Chaffey, Landmark Bathurst, taking the bids.

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